Your 2017 Marketing Plan back to blog

Wow! September is over and I just realized it’s time to start making plans for 2017. One of the first things we do, at Cruise & Associates, is create our 2017 marketing plan.

For the last 20 or so years, I’ve set aside time in October to review the marketing projects that we’ve completed during the year. Projects such as blog articles, topics for social media, direct mail advertising, email marketing strategies, etc. are covered. These are the things that guide us in creating our marketing plans for the following year versus scrambling to think of things as I go.   Below, I have outlined the process I follow each year.

  1. I schedule a planning day with the marketing team.
  2. At this meeting, each project used during the year is reviewed by its performance. This is achieved by looking at how the project performed against the allotted budget, sales generated, or other statistics and goals. Some projects are earmarked to be dropped due to low performance.
  3. A decision is made whether or not the project is to be kept or dropped.
  4. Dropped projects are replaced with new pilot projects.
  5. The marketing calendar is updated by replacing dropped projects with new ones to replace them.   Personally, I like to use the calendar template from Microsoft Word.
  6. I take a second look at the projects we’ve decided to keep and look for ways to enhance them. Sometimes, it just needs to be tweaked by changing a date, the wording, or a picture. Other times, we need to strategize and define our target market.

Since I started doing this review, my marketing has been more consistent, and I am not rushing to get something going. This is just a glimpse of what we do with our marketing approach and hope it is helpful to you. We’re looking forward to a great 2017!



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