As we roll into summer, we are starting to get calls from clients regarding possible IRS scammers. I guess the nice weather motivates the not-so-nice people in this world.


Here are a couple video links posted on YouTube, by the IRS, warning taxpayers about tax scams:




If someone calls you and claims that you owe the IRS money, don’t fall prey to them by believing what they say without checking it out. Contact your accountant and/or tax preparer or local IRS service center to talk to someone in person.   In Nebraska, the IRS offices are located in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, North Platte, and Scottsbluff.


If you would like to report a tax scam, here is a link to the IRS official website:


Tax scammers are nothing new. Cruise & Associates will watch your back and help you deal with them instead of becoming a victim.


NOTE: This information should not be considered as tax/legal advice. You should consult your tax/legal advisor regarding your own tax/legal situation.