Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. Whether we like it or not, today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can be confusing. It is just too easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. There’s no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

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Businesses throughout Nebraska count on our tax professionals to expertly prepare federal, state and local tax returns.

We start by having a personalized one-on-one interview, asking the right questions and taking time to understand each client’s unique business situation. We gather information to prepare tax returns and identify valuable tax planning opportunities. We always stand behind our work, so clients can depend on us to represent them in any federal, state and local tax examinations.

We work relentlessly to find tax reduction opportunities such as tax credits and incentives. We identify tax reduction strategies through cost segregation, LIFO implementations and tax deferral strategies.

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Bookkeeping and tax return preparation are of utmost importance for trusts. The trustee will need to maintain a proper accounting of how assets were distributed in case there was ever a question as to if the intentions of the trust were carried out.

Preparing the annual tax return for the trust is also the responsibility of the trustee. It is very important that the firm, who prepares your trust tax return, makes sure all the accounting and tax requirements of the trust document have been met. It is the trustee’s legal responsibility to make sure this is done. So as a trustee of a trust you need a firm you can depend on and place confidence in to help you make sure everything is done right.

Cruise & Associates has been preparing trust tax returns for over 20 years and is a leader in trust income tax return preparation.

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After the death of a loved one, the task of filing the final returns and the estate income tax return can become overwhelming. After all, how many times have you had this responsibility? If you are like most of our clients, this is the first time.

Here’s what you need to know: Cruise & Associates has prepared numerous individual final 1040s, estate and gift tax returns. You can trust that we will make sure your tax return is filed correctly and on time. To learn more follow the link.

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To successfully run and grow a business you need to know how to run your business efficiently. We offer the following business services to help you keep your business running smoothly and profitably.

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Services
  • Remote Controller
  • Rent-A-Controller
  • Bank / Loan Financing
  • QuickBooks Consulting
  • New Business Formation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Strategic Business Analysis
  • Internal Controls
  • Buying a Business
  • Selling a Business
  • Succession Planning

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Cruise & Associates offers full-service comprehensive wealth management services. We offer a variety of services ranging from wealth management to estate planning. We are committed to building long term relationships with our clients while helping them navigate and manage all of the unexpected changes that life and the economy can throw at us.

Robert Cruise brings a great deal of wealth management experience to the table, when you combine that knowledge with our knowledge in the income tax and accounting laws. Our goal is to provide you with a personalized financial strategy that can provide potential tax benefits.

Our wealth management department works with a broad and diverse group of clients, both individual and businesses, to find out more head over to our financial services page.

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Cruise & Associates is a Midwest-based accounting firm that has been working hard to solve our clients’ IRS and State tax problems for over 20 years. You can have faith knowing that we will review your situation from top to bottom and assist you by using multiple custom-designed strategies to help you solve, reduce and/or settle your IRS and State debt.

You can look to us to do everything in our ability to get the IRS and State off your back to move on with your life.

Our initial goal is to reassure you that we are an ethical company in a sometimes unscrupulous industry.

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Advisory services allow us to create a custom plan to help our clients meet all of their financial goals both now and in the future. We meet with our clients to learn about their goals and ambitions. We can design plans to educate you to be a better business owner. We realize that as a business owner your needs change, and we will be there to help guide you through the process.

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