The MDT, LLC* team is dedicated to providing services that meet your specific needs. We strive to meet the principles of ethics, integrity, and independence that our professional standards require. We pride ourselves on delivering the service that completely and accurately meets your needs.

Assurance Services – Performed by MDT, LLC*

Audit services provide the highest level of assurance on financial statements. Financial statements audited by MDT, LLC will include our opinion(s) stating that we have audited the entity’s or organization’s financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) and have provided reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatements. An outside party, who may have a significant financial interest in the entity or organization and desires third party assurance regarding the financial statements, often requires an audit. Some possible situations which may require an audit:

  1. State statute requires the entity to file an audit with the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts.
  2. A governmental funding source requires the not-for-profit organization to file an audit.

Reviews provide limited assurance that material modifications to the financial statements are not required for them to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).  Procedures performed are not as comprehensive as in an audit but are more involved than a compilation. Reviews consist mainly of inquiries of key personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data of the company being reviewed. Reviews generally are requested by users of financial statements who require a higher degree of service and assurance than a compilation but not to the extent of an audit. An example of a situation that may require a review:

  1. A company has grown to the size that a bank requires reviewed financial statements in order for the company to obtain or renew a loan.

In some cases where a client is not required to have an audit or review, but still has additional needs, we can compile the company’s books and records into financial statements to meet the requirements of a third-party user. The objective of a compilation engagement is to collect, classify and summarize the client’s financial data into a clear and comprehensible format, without providing any assurance, verification, or opinion on the accuracy or completeness of the information presented.  Possible situations that a compilation may be helpful:

  1. A bank requires a compilation in order for a company to get a loan.
  2. A funding source requires a compilation as a requirement for an organization to submit a grant request.

An agreed-upon procedures engagement is an assurance service in which a CPA is hired to perform specific procedures agreed-upon with the client and report findings.  We will work with the company to develop a set of procedures designed to meet the company’s needs and report our findings. When performing the engagement, we make no formal opinion; we simply report what we found in relation to the procedures we were requested to perform. The report will list the procedures performed and the findings.

Other Governmental Non-assurance Services – Performed by Cruise & Associates

For your governmental entity, you may need to file a budget with the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts. We will help assist you in preparing the budget with the information provided by you. The information you provide will be prepared in the format the State of Nebraska requires.

For your governmental entity, you may need to file an audit waiver request form with the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts. We can assist you in preparing the audit waiver request form based on the information you provide.

The above services are not all inclusive. We will design our services to meet your specific needs. For additional information contact us.

* Cruise & Associates is a tax, business consulting, and accounting services provider and works closely with MDT, LLC, a separate Nebraska licensed CPA firm providing audit, review, and attest services. The service you may receive from Cruise & Associates, or its affiliates are not provided by a licensed CPA firm and are not regulated by the Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy.  There may be overlapping services with the CPA firm, therefore, if you are uncertain which entity is providing any of the services, you should ask for clarification from the individual providing such service.