Everyone knows that the holiday season can often be a stressful time. Traveling, gift giving, and the weather make it very stressful and even demanding. Cruise & Associates would like to give you a few tips on how to stay on top of the holiday season without going over budget.

  1. Budget – Set a reasonable goal for gifts this year from the start to avoid pushing the spending.
  2. Secret Santa – Instead of having to get a gift for everyone, coordinate with family members and get one meaningful gift for a specific person. Shhh it’s a secret
  3. DIY – Almost everyone has a Pinterest account filled with awesome DIY projects. Find projects that a loved one would appreciate and create it at home! They will appreciate the effort and love that goes in to a DIY gift.
  4. Holiday Cheer – The holidays are not about gifts but about being surrounded by the ones you love and coming together. Enjoy the little things this holiday season!

These few tips will help you avoid transferring money while in the checkout line and save you from the direct deposit distress afterword. Be financially aware this holiday season and enjoy the company of loved ones.

Happy Holidays!


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