Do you remember who taught you how to balance a check book? What about how credit cards work? How did you learn to file taxes? The majority of answers to these questions do not involve our schools, teachers, or education system. Many individuals, not only in Nebraska but across the nation wish that they learned important financial lessons while in school and not as adults.

In the beginning of August this year, our lawmakers recognized the need for more financial education in Nebraska school systems. Richard Baier of the Nebraska Bankers Association says lack of financial knowledge echoes through the whole state economy. A report last year by the Vermont-based Center for Financial Literacy graded Nebraska a “C” along with 11 other states. Twenty-four states were ranked with “B”s or higher. This proves to be a great problem among the nation with half of the country ranking below average.

Cruise & Associates believes in the financial literacy cause. We are working to put in place a sponsorship for a school here in Columbus, Nebraska to teach these valuable lessons to our future generations. Cruise & Associates has been working towards a corporate cause for a few months now and has decided on financial literacy due to the imminent need and importance throughout the United States. Our Public Relations Associate is getting ducks in a row for a Dave Ramsey sponsorship. Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition includes 12 chapters of important financial topics that build confidence and inspire students to learn. With this movement, we hope to teach lifelong lessons to our future generations and build a solid foundation for financial stability.