Believe it or not, financial happiness is not determined by how much money you make. If money cannot buy you happiness, what does financial happiness mean?

Financial happiness is not a cookie cutter. There are many forms of travel along the way of achieving financial happiness. Getting out of debt, managing your debt, raising your credit score, donating to a cause, building a savings, and not celebrating pay day as if it were a national holiday. All of these could be examples of a road to financial happiness.

Jeff Rose wrote an article titled, 6 Signs You Are More Successful Than You Think. One sign he mentions is, optimism about the future. Although financial stresses can cause a significant amount of grief, it is important to stay positive and think about where you want to be in the future. Knowing where you want to go and setting up steps on how to get there is a large leap towards financial happiness avenue.

The majority of individuals are not satisfied with their current financial situation. Our financial advisor at the firm believes that the majority of individuals are not financially happy because of their uncertainty of the future. Unfortunately, we do not possess the gift of seeing the future but one thing we can do is help you build a plan. Our Cruise & Associates team will work with you to develop a financial plan that you can count on. If you stick to your plan and follow your path, you can be on the way to financial happiness. Being prepared for your future and taking those steps to securing what you want, will ease uncertainty and increase comfortability with your current financial situation.

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