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What You Should Know About the SBA Disaster Loans

As the flood waters recede and the process of piecing together what has been damaged begins, it’s important now more than ever to understand that there is hope for financial recovery during these devastating times. The Small Business Association (SBA) has announced they are offering low-interest Federal Disaster Assistance Loans to Businesses, Private Non Profits, [...]

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Don’t Break the Bank this Holiday Season!

Everyone knows that the holiday season can often be a stressful time. Traveling, gift giving, and the weather make it very stressful and even demanding. Cruise & Associates would like to give you a few tips on how to stay on top of the holiday season without going over budget. Budget – Set a reasonable [...]

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Sales Tax Changes

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and now the Economic Nexux (EN), there is quite a lot to keep up with in the tax world. If you are not familiar with the Economic Nexus, the Economic Nexus (EN) is a tax obligation imposed on companies that is based entirely on sales revenue, transaction [...]

Financial Literacy

Do you remember who taught you how to balance a check book? What about how credit cards work? How did you learn to file taxes? The majority of answers to these questions do not involve our schools, teachers, or education system. Many individuals, not only in Nebraska but across the nation wish that they learned [...]

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Financial Tips and Tricks

When you realize that your financial situation needs a little TLC, you might not know where to look. This is why Cruise & Associates is taking the time to give you a few financial tips and tricks that could get your foot in the door for a healthier relationship with your finances. A common [...]


Financial Happiness

Believe it or not, financial happiness is not determined by how much money you make. If money cannot buy you happiness, what does financial happiness mean? Financial happiness is not a cookie cutter. There are many forms of travel along the way of achieving financial happiness. Getting out of debt, managing your debt, raising [...]


Secret Service

For over 25 years Cruise & Associates has worked year-round with businesses, individuals and farming clients. They currently have more than 140 corporate and partnership clients, 170 sole proprietorship/farm clients, 100 landlord clients and 900 individual clients. Cruise & Associates has a variety of different categorized and customized services available. With over 40 different [...]

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Tax Checklist for Business Startups

Are you a hobby or a business? This may seem basic to some people, but the first thing you’ll have to consider when starting out is whether you really are operating a business, or pursuing a hobby. A hobby can look like a business, but essentially it’s something you do for its [...]

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5 Tax Tips for Newlyweds

Marriage is a big moment for everyone. It’s taking the next step with the person you love and building a new life together. It can also be a time to make some pretty lofty decisions. Prepare for the decisions that come along with marriage life. Figure out how you’ll file your taxes. Making changes to [...]

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